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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
Don't just throw bombs! Tell us details and furnish links. Many decode to 6.1 because the receivers are doing the work as explained. I don't mean to call your baby ugly, but I don't know of any discrete 6.1 or 7.1 sourced DVDs. If you do give us a link and I will update. I know the standard exists for the extra track.

There are several DTS 6.1 ES which are matrixed. The Lord of the Rings being one I can think of off hand.

Cat if you have an old Pro-Logic surround amp laying around, you can feed the left and right surround signals from your 5.1 system to let the Pro-Logic amp develop the center rear channel. It is not as good as the 6.1 systems because it is analog decoding vs digital, but it does sound pretty good.
Original Gladiator release has DTS 6.1 discrete
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