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Originally Posted by ssjLancer View Post
Heres 2 more.
4.190+ minute movies can fit on one disc.
5.Less discs needed overall(No more crappy 'special editions' that cost $4 more for a few extra features)
Same thing IMO and studios feel that they add value when they add a 2nd disc to justify the higher price. BTW - there are less than 100 films that can't fit on a DL DVD so I don't know how important that is.

I guess.. but most people just got a DVD player and threw away their VHS collection. The transition to BD is much easier.
If you give everyone a free car with no wheels, dont you think there will be a boom in retail tire sales?
- That's a little extreme don't you think?

No. Example would be the BD-J features in Independence Day which arent Web Enabled.
OK - so DVD had special features (so did LD by the way) and HDM's special features are more advanced.

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