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Maybe in 10 years, we'll be comparing some NEW technology to the "old" blu-ray. Who knows. IMO, blu-ray has at least a fair chance to succeed due to advertising.

1. New movies that are to be on blu-ray - clearly state that in the commercials. So, we hear it.
2. HDTV's and Blu-ray are pasted all over the BB's and CC's of the world. Not hidden down some obscure aisle never to be seen.

Though the blu-ray thing hasn't taken off like some seem to think it should have already, I believe the advertising is good and plenty aggressive for now. I mean - look at how much talk it generates on this forum. My feeling is it will capture a nice percentage of new purchases, especially as prices drop and new players with nicer prices appear. I've said it before, but seems just a matter of time. It will get forced on us - BB and CC will give more and more space to the technology and something has to give - that will be DVD. By default, we will accept it. Time. It takes time - we are all so impatient.
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