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How can anyone watch standard def?

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I just went through the extended warranty gauntlet with Mits Digital Electronics on my 62825. I got the blinking green light, would not turn on. Called Mits and they sent out local repair place to pick up set in early Jan. Guying picking it up said I'd have it back by superbowl. Well, friends came over and we watched the big game on my 34" Sony. About 6 weeks in, I started calling the local repair place on a regular basis. They first blamed a "power board" that was backordered. I called Mits and got them involved with the local place and the part was expedited to the shop. Finally got the board but that didn't fix it. Then they were waiting on a "digital board" ...indefinite backorder. They had my TV for 2 months at that point and I am calling four times a week. Local shop said the technical help line at Mits says that the 62825 digital board is discontinued as of early March. I call Mits and they say they will have the board sent to them and they will repair the board and it will be 3 weeks turnaround to the repair shop. At that point I had it. The guy at Mits was really trying but I was getting "I feel bad but there's nothing else I can do." So, I politely said thanks for the effort but a three month repair is unreasonable so I sent a demand for payment of $5,000+ (The original purchase price) since they couldn't repair in a reasonable time and they didn't want to replace it. I sent the demand to Service Plan Inc as well the Mits office in Irvine. Two days later I got a call from Mits offering me a 65833 replacement set. I ended up paying the local guy 1k more to deliver a 73833 and I couldn't be happier. The picture is much better than the old set and it's 1080p. Bulb seems brighter because I don't have to shut my shades to watch the new set. Well, I hope you don't end up wasting 4 months like I did. Good luck on the repair.
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