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Originally Posted by flowin82 View Post
yeah i tried unplugging and it does not work..i called sony a tech will be here on wed...but am sooo nervous they are going to say thats its not there problem and it was caused by me from using it somehow..i just dont understand how this can happen it was working fine the whole 2 weeks..did i do something wrong...the line just got an inch or two longer...and there is a second line now smaller right on the bottom of the screen this when is green as well but there is three halfinch red lines right next to scared
Relax. Unless you connected your TV to something unusual (like, I don't know, the electric STOVE because you wanted to SEE the heat signal) don't worry! You did nothing wrong. Sony is very reputable and they will take care of this-- if your merchant has not already gotten you a new set by the time the tech rep gets there on Wednesday.
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