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pc to hdtv ugghhh!

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Default PC to 4:3 HDTV

HELP ME! (Picture the Exorcist)

10 yrs ago I bought a Gateway Destination system, which basically allowed me to watch TV and operate my PC from my couch. It came with a 31" computer monitor (not TV), with VGA input. We had 800 x 600 resolution, and we have LOVED IT!

The monitor has seen better days now, and my wife wants to be able to watch TV like a normal human every now and then. SO, the idea was to buy a HDTV, which we did. Sony 32" 4:3 HDTV Flat Tube, and a Media Center PC, which we did (Sony VGC RB38G)

SO, Not so fast, it seems
I've tried everything (bought new ATI x700 pro card, downloaded latest Catalyst drivers, bought PC to TV VGA converter from Grandtec, bought KeyDigital KD-VTCA3 VGA to component converter, and dvi (pc) to hdmi(TV) cable, and I can get 95% there, but picture still a little blurry.

I have downloaded powerstrip, and don't know enough about it to figure it completely out. I tried a little, and lost the display, so, being from North Carolina, I simply switched the ati card back out. That fixed it.

The best quality is the dv to hdmi cable, but it comes across at 640 x 480, which I do understand is 480p, and a resolution that the TV is looking for. But, the computer and many applications don't like my display being that small.

I can get a 16:9 resolution with an ATI DVI to HDTV adapter, but it is too small to read email from across the room.

How can I get 800 x 600?

PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm desperate. My wife now thinks I'm doing something wierd staying up til 2 am every night with the computer...

Computer Outputs ati x300 (or x700): VGA, RGB, and DVI

TV Inputs : Composite, SVideo, Component, and HDMI...

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