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Originally Posted by JustEd View Post
Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the industry was looking at refining Hydrogen from fossil fuels? Hate to go political, but that would explain why the current oil based administration is touting the future of hydrogen powered cars, it keeps them in business.
So much research needs to be done with obtaining hydrogen, but one way to obtain it is through the process of electrolysis by splitting the H and O atoms from water. The problem is that this is incredibly energy intensive. I believe there is another process that allows you to obtain hydrogen from coal, or some other source through some reaction. I'm not sure how you would "refine" hydrogen" from fossil fuels though. However, I thought that the current "oil" based administration was more interested in ethanol than hydrogen. Breakthroughs are being made in making ethanol from non food sources, and I believe there is even a link posted somewhere in one of these threads to a firm that will be able to make a large volume of ethanol from non food sources by 2011 from garbage and other organic waste.

Hydrogen is clearly going to be a long term research project, and we will need something to last us until we get there.
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