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We laugh when a SUV passes us on the freeway doing 90. And we really get a giggle out of the 4 by pickups doing 90 that are four feet off the ground (pavement to door sill). Rented a Chrysler SUV a couple of months ago to go to So. Cal and I had to cruise at 65 with the air off just to get 15 mpg, about 13 at normal freeway speeds of 70-75. How can anyone put up with that??? Honestly though, I hate my Ford Ranger (second one) as it struggles to get 20 mpg. It is one of the green engines that was made to use ethanol when available, has no torque and guzzles gas. Shit, sounded like a good idea at the time.

We would love an affordable pure electric compact for toodling around town, but no one makes them. Don't see how a small electric with a 50-70 mile range should cost as much as a hybrid but apparently the car companies just won't make one for us. Really, 80 percent of our driving is in town and probably less tha 25 miles on any given day (less than 15 on most days).

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