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What is HD?

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Default blinking light of death fixed with new capacitors

Originally Posted by Paul D318 View Post

I got your email and have sent you both sets of instructions.

Please post back after you make this repair & let us know how it came out.


20 minutes - Remove covers and DM board

1 minute - verify capacitors are as described

2 hours - Drive to Radio Shack, find they are all out of this Capacitor (they had 85c but not 105c). Drove to Fry's, also out. Made several calls trying to find a small electronics part outlet, finally found one about to close for the day, raced out and bought them just in time. SWEET!!! - total cost of parts: .45c x 4 = $1.80 + tax. total cost of gas: $7.50.

20 minutes - Remove old caps

15 minutes - Install new caps (slightly taller, but a little coaxing got them into the shield.

30 minutes - Button up all plugs, wire routing etc and test.


I watched several hours of TiVo just to make sure it wasn't a dream.

Thank you very much for passing on these instructions and saving me somewhere between $400 - $1000 to have someone come repair it.


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