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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by badmit View Post
I have the ws65813. This set has always had a random sort of shut down green light for 1 minute situation. But now the situation has become permanent, the green light never stops flashing despite resets, unplugging, begging, etc.

I would be very interested in the instructions for repair. Please if have time, send them to (no spaces) s p a m @ p o r t 2 0 0 2 . c o m.

Although I paid over $4,500 for this set in 2004 , I'd replace it with a ~$2K wall mount LCD before spending $1,000 just to have someone repair it with $10.00 in parts. I have always thought the picture on the set was blurry, bad convergence (even after using the grid to config) and warped anyway. It looked a lot better in the store.

Anyway, Id love to repair this set before giving up on it. Thanks for your time and help.

Your TV would look AMAZING if you spent some money on a ISF calibration. I have a 65511 and was looking at replacing it with a new DLP set. I spent several hours with some DLP sets and have to say, my 4 year old TV still looks way better than any that I saw. The one exception was a Pioneer 65" Plasma, that thing was a dream to look at, but at over $6000 I'll have to pass.

CRT RPTV's still have the best picture technology available, they just need some TLC...
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