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Default Streaming HD requirements

I'm in the process of building a PC to stream high def content from the internet. What I would like to use for components are as follows:

Motherboard with 800 MHz FSB(Biostart P4M900)
A P4 2.6 GHz processor(800 MHz FSB)(socket 478)
One gig of DDR2 667 memory
Nvidia Geforce 7100GS (256 Megs memory) PCI EXpress x16

My basic question is will I be alright with these specs or will it under perform? Do I need to jump up to a core duo or a 1066 FSB? By the way I plan on streaming in 720p not 1080i. I have looked at some specs at various sites and apple HD seems to have the most rigorous requirements. Again I really only want to get 720p streaming successfully!


Nathan Tinsley
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