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First, I don't have HD ...yet. I am refining my area first. I have a small theater room, dedicated to this. A new Onkyo TXLR552 receiver 6.1 channel, then my speakers are a (nice) patchwork of 6"bookshelf Advents for the rear (mounted in corners, up high, a pair of favorite 1965 Fisher XP5s for the front center and rear center (I plan to get a modern shielded front center soon), a Denon reflecting subwoofer, and two older Fisher front L and R speakers, each with a tweeter horn, two midrange, + one 15" woofer apiece. These sound ok and are probably efficient, but I plan eventually to replace them with smaller speakers, as they are large for this room. The sound seems good, I don't blow windows, so that is not a metric I am using. I was seeking fine sound at lower volume levels so that I don't disturb others in the house. My room is about 10'x15' (formerly a bedroom made smaller to accomodate a hallway down one side of it. The rear of the room is mirror closet doors, which remain closed. I face the opposite 10 ft wall, sitting 4' from the rear, not all the way back. Interested in comments on this system. I (at some expense and intriguing design) created a ventillation system, utilizing a small split-system A/C unit for a hobby room, ducted and fan boosted to this room, and an air removal duct inside the closet with another booster (the air exits between the closet doors). The two boosters are incredibly silent, and remote controled. This provides airflow through the room so that windows can remain closed.

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