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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Default I thank you for your suggestions, with a reservation!

Thanks, good advice for those who 'wrongly' think they have gotten bad treatment or 'bad faith service' from DTV! There really are sorry examples of treatment out there

Not great advice to those who want out just for the heck of it! They should get their mommies to pay their bills

There are lots of sheeple on the forum, they have very few original or individual thoughts, they think that all is well with world and large corporations never do wrong, large corporations love these sheeple, if only they would go Baaaa-Baaaa in public, that way we could avoid them like the plague they are, as well as coral them up and work them as slaves!

Now that is original thought, well not really, makes me sound like a republican, rather than the independent I am!!

Good luck Sheeple, may the corporations take advantage of your bleating hearts
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