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Default This might help those wanting to cancel directv service.

Ok so i did a little google research and i came up with a couple posts from around the web by people who got out of paying the fees associated with breaking the directv contract. most were people who only had service 4-5 months of a 2 year agreement.

after canceling the contract you will get a letter explaining you need to pay a fee. well in every case i found which the person asked to have their case arbitrated directv suddenly changed their tune and canceled the remaining fees.

it would seem that,

1. directv does not want to set a example for other subscribers who by going through with a arbitration and losing. can you imagine what losing such a case would do to their company. then imagine if it ended up getting any online media coverage. man that would really cause directv a whole lot more then the fee itself. now i got this info from very recent posts 2008 so it's most likely that the policy has not changed since.

2. directv would have to send lawyers simply because the cost of losing such a case might end up being a whole lot bigger then the fee itself. can yo imagine a judge looking over the contract and deciding it's a bad faith contract and directv should not be allowed to force people into such a contract and then follow it up with such poor service.

so now they are paying lawyers for their time. you don't even got to bring a lawyer so your cost is your time out of work. now directv is being killed with lawyer fees and it's not like they can ask the arbitrator to make you responsable for their fees. it's a right you have so directv can't question it.

so asking for your case to be arbitrated will definetly help your chances.

here is another tip for those who owe credit cards and hospital bills but can't afford to pay them. if it ever gets to the point where you get a court date simply ask the other side for proof that you owe the said fee. much more times then not the lawyers are sent into court with no paperwork other then your name saying you owe.

say you don't remember owning that card or going to that hospital so you need proof. it's amazing how many people don't ask this and end up losing their case. those who ask for proof alot more times then not end up winning the case. once you ask for proof the burdon is on them to prove the case. when you walk into court the burdon is on you too prove payment or explain why you have not paid. once you ask for proof then it's back on them.

if they don't have proof or don't show up then ask the judge to dismiss the case and clear your debt. if a court appoints someone to step in for a missing lawyer for the opposing side then object. if the judge tries to continue the case then explain they asked for this date not you so it should be their responsability to come to court prepared and you should not be forced to miss another day of work for a debt you don't owe. sometimes court employees step in for missing lawyers and they recieve a commission from the credit card companies. this should be strongly objected to since you are being requested to be there by the debt collector and not the other day around.

just some advice for those who are tight with cash and need some help. good luck.
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