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Default Which reveiver to buy - Harman AVR247 or Denon 1708?

Just joined the forum and am new to Audio/Video scene. Former system was the old Harman AVR20 w/Bose dbl. cube front/rear and Acoustimass; sounded good then but nothing like the systems auditioned in the Best Buy sound rooms (Denon 1708, Klipsch RW10 sub, Boston VRi555 ceiling speakers...).

Online chat/forums, retail sellers, & manufacturer websites. I am partial to the Harman line (past experience w/AVR20) but have read/heard the following; best audio for music listening use is the Harman 247; but the best home theater video w/least problems and ease of use thru HDMI cable is the Denon 1708; the more I study/read the more I learn but at the point where I need qualitative/experiential reviews on problems/merits from owners of each receiver till I can listen to the two receivers in a side by side for my own viewing and listening ear comparison.

Set-up and Intended use:
I will have four Boston VRi555 (6") ceiling mounted speakers front & rear, Boston VRC center channel in cabinet w/Sony 46"V3000 LCD TV, Klipsch RW10d sub, and a Sony Blu-Ray (or PS3 if it is true that video quality is best using the game device instead of Sony Blu-Ray DVD player) for DVD/CD use. Believe it or not, I will not be hooked up to any cable provider or satellite for TV channel use; will only view DVD movies and listen to CD's, therefore, 95% DVD intended use and 5% music listening.

Which receiver will give me best sound/video without reliability problems, the Harman Kardon AVR247 or the Denon 1708?

Thank you for any help you can provide and I apologize if the above is verbose or unnecessary but I wanted to fill you in to best understand my situation.

Thanks again!
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