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Originally Posted by RedSIinPA View Post
I think if you're looking in the $500-range, there are a LOT of brands to spec out.

Atlantic Technology (not sure if this meets your pricing needs though)

just make sure you listen to anything before you buy...only your ears will know if you'll like it for sure!
Actually I was only wanting to go in the $500 range as I thought I would be buying two of whatever I decided upon.. Now that I am going for one solid sub I have looked into subs around the $800 range. Some less some more

Here are the 5 that have caught my eye for one reason or another

They are in no particular order but each one represents something I am looking for in a sub whether it be raw performance in both music and Cinema or a spirited budget performer with great praise..

Sad to say but I have only heard one of these companies subs before and that is the Infinity but it was an old piece of junk. And with most of these companies being factory direct its hard to actually hear them first hand. So graphs and reviews both peer and professional are being taken into account as well as price. I would like to keep the price under a grand as I also have to worry about the video portion of my HT setup when I move as my 42" plasma will not cut it and its going in my bedroom

Thanks to everyone for helping me out and putting in their I have gave an honest look into everything that has been mentioned and even though they are not all on my list that can change. I have time and will continue to look and read and listen when it is possible..
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