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Originally Posted by RedSIinPA View Post
Won the Fathom on a Monthly giveaway contest that's promoted in tandem by AVRevolution and Modern Home Theater. The MKIV series has recently been upended by the MKV (go figure) - but it's an excellent sub. I ran it with Atlantic Technology 2200 speakers in a small living room in my old house (15x15 at the biggest) and that package really threw out some sound. In my living room now, I'm not sure how the quake would've sounded alone. I was running my B&W ASW650 in the living room before the Fathom arrived. I'm sure the Quake would've done nicely. But the room is too big for a single sub IMHO.

One of my family member's is a dealer in Earthquake gear. If you want a price on one, PM me. That's how I got mine. Warning - their website absolutely BLOWS. It's so low-end. But the gear, is definitely not.

Thank you and I will look more into the Earthquake line of subs..
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