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Originally Posted by ah802 View Post
Interesting article on 'Monster Cable' price margins and some extra thoughts.
First, I am as "anti-Monster" as anyone.

But really, we don't need help from idiots like these. They write:

Here's the thing: digital cables, by definition, have no signal loss.
Totally incorrect - all cables, by definition, have loss.
The statement is just plain DUMB!

A cable is either digital or it's not.
It's the signal you morons that is either digital or not . . . not the cable.
Coax, for example, is equally suitable for carrying digital or analog signals within the limits of its bandwidth.
So, another just plain DUMB statement.

As long as its built to HDMI standards, the only difference between a "fancy" digital cable and a no-name one is the price
Cables are not "built" to HDMI standards, they are tested and certified to meet the HDMI specification.
Actually, it could be better said that HDMI Ltd. does not give a fat rat's behind how the cables are built, only on how they perform to the specification.

Also, there are many differences, some having to do with performance and some with quality.
- wire size makes a "difference"; let's not ignore it
- connector quality and ruggedness should be considered.
- attachment of connector to cable may be of concern to some.

Bottom Line: The moron who wrote this article has no idea what he is talking about and really proves himself to be a complete fool.
By publishing such tripe, he better fuels Monster's ability to market their product - thanks for the help chump, but we really don't need you on our team.

Finally, so what if Monster has high markups or huge profit margins; that's what business is all about.
The article is no better than Monster in dealing with facts. (actually it is much worse; Monster usually gets thier facts right)

There's really only two issues:

Less expensive cables, from Monoprice and many others for example, DO meet the performance requirements of the HDMI specification and CAN be purchased for a far more reasonable price.

To whatever extent Monster is using deceptive practices, or encouraging resellers to use deceptive sales methods to market their products, they should be exposed.

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