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DTV= *digital* not hi-def

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Originally Posted by jkkyler View Post
the Pb one had been grasped so tightly by the monster cable it pullled the entire plug right out of my tv. Needless to say monster's guarantee that it will never damage your equipment went unheeded by their fine customer service reps.

Time to go setup a website (, and start advertising it far & wide. Doesn't have to be fancy..... just tell the truth. Something like this:

"Monster sells "quality" cables that cost a small fortune.
"They warranty the cables never to fail or damage equipment.

"Well I bought some of their cables, and it grasped my TV's rear connector so strongly, that I found it impossible to disconnect. The cable pulled the TV connector clean off!"

"Monster refuses to honor their warranty.
"Do not buy Monster; their warranties are meaningless.
"They do not stand behind their product.
"Might as well go buy a cheap Sony product, and get the same lousy customer service, but for half the price."
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