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Originally Posted by ThingontheFloo View Post
No, I for one could never go back to upscaled DVDs and don't see how anyone could if they already invested such a decent amount into a good HDTV. They look okay, sure, but my eyes are so adjusted to a high def format that I wouldn't as stubborn as to not accept whatever the winner format is and just go with it if I really just enjoyed high def for what it is and didn't let politics or arguments get in the way.
Then you could be in trouble, if Blu-Ray wins the format war, there is a good chance it will remain a niche market and never replace SD DVD as the dominant format.

It needs to do several things soon to ever have a chance of replacing SD DVD, like drop prices to reasonable levels, finish the specs and standardize the players to be able to play all the discs being sold and access their special features (which they are advertising as being so important).

They will need to do all of these things before the end of the year to have a small chance to succeed in the eventual replacement of SD DVD in the market.
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