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What is HD?

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Default the new guy

love2watch it seems to me like you know what your talking about so maybe you can help the new guy (that me ) figure this out!
i just bought a samsung hpt4254 "42 plasma and a onkyo sr800 htib
the guy at circuit city told me it was top of the line but after doing some review i found out that i need to buy a dvd player with a built-in decoding and a 5.1 or 7.1 analog output so that i woun't end up with a low-res dvd sound track also i need to connect a dedicated audio feed. ( what ever that means) because the hdmi jack are video pass-through so that a can get surround sound i need optical or coaxial digital or analog multichannel that because the reciever has no video conversion so for each video input type you use (composite,s-video,component or hdmi you'll need to connect to the corresponding output from the reciever to the tv then toggle the tv input in the tandem when you switch the av reciever source what does that mean. also they say this system will not work with blue ray is this true.i like the kiss approch ( keep it simple stupid )diagram would help also thanks in advance .
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