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I don't see a problem hooking those up the way you plan. Of course, you will not get as smooth a transition across the front three (like when there is sound moving with action across the screen) because ideally the 3 should be 'matched'. That does not mean they are necessarily the same model of speaker, but generally the same manufacturer with models designed for center channel applications. Using a center channel with a 12" woofer is not ideal, and probably even less practical with regards to size consdirations.
The surrounds are less crtical.
But power is always a nice thing to have on hand, even if you don't crank up your audio. The reserve will be there and often adds up to better dynamics.
And using 6 or 8 ohm is not a big deal. Since you use the same speakers for L and R.
The 6 ohm switches often have limited value too. You could try the switch in both positions, with various program material, and see if you hear a benefit to one over the other.
I would not add any more speakers, nor would I add a sub.
What I would do is save about $400-800 and shop around for a nice small set of speakers such as these. They will sound good for music, and even better for movies, and fit nicely anywhere.

Onkyo SKS system

Polk Audio RM6800 or 6900

Atlantic Technology system 920

JBL SCS 135 (or 300.7)

Onkyo HT 520

to name just a few well reviewed ones.

And forget about additional surrounds for now. Quality beats out quantity any day of the week.

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