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What is HD?
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One sunny Sunday morning,may 2006.A Scot"s man knocked on Sam"s door...the door opened and it was Stephen who answered the door...the Scot"s man looked him in the eye and said...HAVE I MISSED YOU SURPRISE 50th BIRTHDAY BASH THEN "LOON"?.

That was my 1st meeting with this man...a man who"s friendship for the past few years was solid as you can be in friendship,he was unique,he was shy,but his sense of humour,dry wit was fantastic,a thing to behold.

The last time i spoke to him,just after xmas...he had me crying,crying with laughter...and that was a blessing to me,that our last conversation ended with laughter.

What a tribute this forum is...people from all over the world...sent money for the HD player that was sent to him...

Thank you Pauline,Dale,Ricky,Jess and SAM...for letting me in to your life"s.

My thoughts are also with Stephen"s mam,a Scottish lassie who came from a place not far from were i live.

Good bye "LOON"...Peace In The Valley.
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