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Originally Posted by Maxi3D View Post
Are you guys TV runs on 720p native? If so, try change the resolution to 720p instead of 1080i. By doing so it will get rid of the green bar. I tried on my neighbor who also had this same problem and it worked.
Nope, my TV has a native 1080p display.

Besides, if I were watching a 1080i broadcast on a 1080p monitor, why butcher the resolution by 360 lines, i.e. why have a 1080p TV in the first place if you have to downsample it to get rid of the green line? But I hear what you're saying, it's an option. Personally I'd rather just use the "stretch" option on my TV which, although misleadingly named, simply does a very minor crop around the periphery of the image and gets rid of the green line. Of course this is all now a moot point since you can change the color space option to RGB in the STB menu.

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