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At the end of the day, he was just a high school grad who spent his days sweeping floors.[/QUOTE]

I too am a high school grad and have gone on to better myself (with a little luck of course). High School grads can (with the right tools and mentors) go on to learn professions that are normally left up to folks with degrees. I've been lucky enough to work for a very aggressive, forward thinking company that advances employees based on ability, not degree. While this may seem old fashioned, I promise you that there are a lot of high school grads like myself who can compete very nicely and even present some nice ideas to the population. I have made a nice living for myself and can even say that developing improved genetics in the small grains has fed a few more people. I carry a lot of pride that "just being a high school grad" has rewarded my family and my company so well.

Oh well, back to the forum. I didn't get where I'm at in life by worrying about the occasional slams directed to us non educated dopes.
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