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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by frederickrl3 View Post
Im running hdmi from an xbox 360 elite and a PS3. RCA from the wii all through the Harman Kardon 247 and then to a 65 inch Olivia I just got from Sams.
Though im not an expert the wii and PS3 seem to work perfect. On the 360 however I get what would look like dead pixels all over the screen. They appear to be blue in color and there are hundreds of them.
Ive changed cords and ports to no avail. If i use component connections from the xbox it works ok but seems to be blurry (may just be in my head...) so its seems to be something with HDMI and the xbox going through the 247.
After reading all these posts im going to box it up and take it back to the store. Thanks for all the posts, just wanted to post my experience in hopes it will help someone else.
i've had the same dead pixel thing as you but with my isn't visible at first but as the receiver is on longer there appears to be more and more.i figured out that if i reduce ps3 to 1080i its fine.i know its not the cables because i'm running monster m series.also does your uncompressed audio work through ps3 via hdmi?
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