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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by silver86 View Post
this thread came up while searching google for the 8300HDC...

anyways... ive also gone through my 3rd box... mainly cause of Hdd problems...

but the problem ive been having lately, is when i change channels or go from watching a recorded show to real time tv... usually its in 480i, but itll switch to 1080i and stay there... so standard channels will end up with black bars on either side of the screen... sometimes it does this with the HD channels and the black bars will still be present... the way i attempt to fix this is to switch from standard to HD channels until its switches back to 480i... its quite annoying and frustrating...

ever run into this problem?

my provider is time warner...
OMG this same exact thing is happening to me too! I thought maybe it was my tv but I guess it is the cable box. I've had the box since the summer and it just started happening a month ago. Everytime i turn the tv on, it switches to 480i and really shrinks the image, the only way to fix it to to switch to an HD channels which causes the cable box to switch to 1080i or 720p. Doing that is really annoying though becase I have to do it every single day.
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