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Originally Posted by sturmruger View Post
I will look at that one and see what I think. I did find the Sony STR-DG710. It seems to do most of what I am looking for.
The DG710 is a good receiver, especially for its $250 price tag, and 1 of the few exceptions to the sub $300 HDMI passthrough gig. 1 thing I would verify is if it will support Multi channel PCM via HDMI from your HD DVD player and future PS3. The receiver will NOT accept it bitstream like the 605 (if you have the XA2 or A35) for Dolby True HD. There were a few people complaining about that it did not do PCM correctly. I would think that it should, so pehaps someone can verify. But by many of the posts I seen, it don't look good and that would be "quite lame"..

"First of all, it is your A2 that will decode DD+ and TrueHD. After decoding it internally, the A2 will out put it as 5.1 PCM - so all you need is a receiver that supports multi-channel PCM input via HDMI"



Originally Posted by Codes20 View Post
I believe the Sony 710 is pass-through and a horrid receiver at that. The only Sony receivers worth anything may be their ES line.
The 710 is not passthrough, but does appear that it does not support multichannel PCM..
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