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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
They look like dirty sine waves when poorly designed. They still look like dirty sine waves when properly designed, but with sharper transitions (so it's clear if you're seeing a 0 or 1). They most definitely don't look square... they don't have sharp corners.
Sorry, I'm still not sold on the suggestion that a digital signal looks anything like a sine wave - dirty or other wise.
They have distinctly different patters which any knowledgeable person will recognize.
They look like "normal" digital signals which no one ever said "have sharp corners" (indeed, the term "square wave" is commonly used to refer to the idealized digital signal, but we all know that they are hardly ever "square"). No matter how sharp or unsharp the transitions, as long as the do not impinge on the eye pattern, the signal will be properly interpreted as a "1" or a "0".

Digital signals look like digital signals . . . period.

Sine waves look like sine waves . . . period.

To suggest otherwise is absurd oversimplification of the techonlogies.

Ya know, I have been upfront about what I do, who I am, and my qualifications.
Quite frankly, I don't believe you.

What do YOU do?
Is this a job interview?

Quite frankly, I am well qualified.
Posting "qualifications" hardly makes much sense as there is no way to check on them; better to review the quality of each persons posts, quality and content of cited sources, consistency of postion, etc. to determine if the poster is offering valid information or simply blowing hot air.

I'm an EE with two degrees.
Could be . . . . or not?

I design computer chips for a living.
hell, everybody designs computer chips . . . read the forum . . .

And you are... what? A tech?
Not since 1969, but yes, I was for 5 years.

An electronics salesperson?
Nope, never was.

What are YOUR qualifications to discuss this topic?
They are vast and extensive.
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