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Quoted from the original article:
" . . . if an HDMI cable is working correctly, your TV's picture will look exactly the same no matter how much the cable costs. Paying more for a cable will have no effect on picture quality."
Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
That sentence is okay, but he ALSO said this: "Either an HDMI cable works or it does not. If it doesn't work, you will immediately know it. Your screen will freeze, or it will skip frames, or it will show big square blocks instead of a picture. It will be completely obvious that there is a problem."

Which is false. It's possible for the cable to be producing errors at the one-pixel level, and the viewer might never know it. i.e. The errors are not "completely obvious."
Which is both incorrect and misleading. Techincal hair-splitting, I would say.
It seems that you would have readers believe that the definition of "works" is 100% perfect, or "lossless" in technical terms; this would be very misleading indeed.
First, the HDMI specification itself allows for a certain BER, and that BER is, for the most part, not discernible to the viewer.
Now, should a cable produce errors at the one-pixel level, and should the viewer "never know", it seems that logically the viewer will not be aware of any reduction in picture quality, as the author has previously stated.
There will always be some errors - I doubt that the author had any intention of suggesting that HDMI is 100% error free. The implication of his statement, which I would expect any reasonable person to accept has to do with the difference between "graceful degradation" (analog) and "rapid degradation" (digital); indeed, there is a narrow margin within which a particuar cable carrying a particular signal between two specific components will exhibit "failure" characteristics, but, in general, and to the normal viewer these will rarely be encountered and and are hardly worth discussion.

Your continued arcane criticism is hardly appropriate and is certainly misleading as well as innacurate and uninformed.

Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
I object when people take what *I* do for a living,
designing circuits to carry high-speed signals w/o distortion,
and simplify it so drastically that it is incorrect.
Yea, me too. I find it really offensive.
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