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Originally Posted by venomxr8 View Post
Dont you realize that ALL products come down in price over time. Sure not everyone has a 1080p hdtv or has the ability to decode the new hd audio formats, but wouldnt you like to HAVE that ability in your player once you DO get a 1080p set and an new sound system. Think of when dvd's first came out. How many people had dolby digital 5.1 systems??? not many but the dvd players had the ability to play dd 5.1 and now everyman and his son has a 5.1 system. So yes blu ray is more expensive at the present time than hd dvd but in time the prices will fall and at least you know you are buying into a format with a LONG and successful future ahead of it that Will display 1080p and WILL be able to play true hd and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 when YOUR home theatre system catches up with blu ray technology

This advertisement has been brought to you by the "Friends for a blu future."

You don't have a handle on what is going on in the real world. Less than 50% have any kind of a sound system. Most of the remaining 50% have a Pro Logic system. Less then 1/3 of the USA has an HDTV - WW is is less than 15%.

BD means replace . . . HD DVD means to merge with because both are evolutionary formats and will never unsurp DVD.
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