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Originally Posted by venomxr8 View Post
Just read this at
really hits the nail on the head imo
Sorry, but I call bollocks. And here is the biggest line of BS of them all:

Study after study shows that consumer confusion is the No. 1 reason people aren’t rushing out to buy HD media hardware or software, and the format war is the reason everyone’s so confused

What a bunch of garbage. Study after study HAS in fact shown why people haven't rushed out to buy HDM... pricing... and satisfaction with DVD.

People are not going to rush out and buy what they view as little more than "glorified DVD players" for the price either side was asking (Toshiba's new pricing model is at least somewhere in the ballpark now).

All you have to do is look at the format wars of the past as evidence to that consumers care about affordability. VHS did not "take off" until it became affordable and worth the investment to the consumer. The same with DVD, until players reached sub-$200 prices no one was interested. Laserdisc suffered a similar fate with both high priced players AND high priced media (hmmmm... something familiar about that).

Sorry but people aren't going to "rush out" and spend $300 plus dollars on a player when they can run down to Wal Mart and buy an upconverting DVD player for thirty bucks. And with all of the doom and gloom about the state of the economy on the daily news, that fact is not likely to change soon.

Finally, the NPD Group (the most reliable statistics firm the industry uses) announced just a view months ago that in their surveys 73% of HDTV owners reported that their current traditional-format DVD player still works well for them, so they do not need to replace it; and 62% said they are waiting for the prices of high-definition players to fall.

That's why neither of these formats has taken off and why both are simply vying to be the next "laserdisc" until something better and more shiny comes along.


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