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Sorry to interrupt a good fight but I have a question .... I read this thread because I am totally new to everything HD. I have a 32" sony LCD and I need to purchase 2 HDMI cables. One is for a soon to be arriving HD cable box, and the other is for a Toshiba A3 HD DVD player. Both of them need to be in the 3-6 foot range.

I read every word of this thread hoping to have the answer to exactly what brand and model of HDMI cables to purchase, but most have this has been so far over my head that I feel more confused than ever.

Here are the options I see.... I don't see where my local CC and BB stores have anything but the really high dollar monster cables and possibly their own brand that is in that $50+ range. I'm guessing that neither of those is waht I want since I'm on a tight budget and have read many times not the way to go.

On the other hand, I keep hearing about I was on their site yesterday and they seemed to have quite a few HDMI cables (actually too many for a newbie like me to make an easy choice). Are all you guys approving of monoprice as the best place to go? Or are there a few out there that would avoid monoprice and just keep it to theirself as to not ruffle anyones feathers? I just didn't know if they were falling into that "too cheap" category, or were the perfect choice. Feel free to contact me via e-mail if that's a route you'd rather go.

Sorry to be thick headed, just don't want to buy more or less cable than I really need.

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