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Good lord man, you are really hopeless . . .

Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
. . . there's nothing wrong with challenging the IDEAS a person puts forward, . . .
Absolutely, it's the American way.

But, of course to misquote the persons statements and ideas or otherwise distort the persons message is very wrong. Read on . . .

. . . especially if that person represents a nationwide periodical that millions will read.
The origianl author hardly represents a "nationwide periodical that millions will read". is an online regional magazine targeting people who live in the southern Illinois area. Hardly nationwide and hardly millions of readers.
Why make such a silly suggestion???

He should be held to a higher standard, and he should have done more research, because his ideas (digital signals don't need a good cable) are clearly false.
I guess you have a right to your opinion that the author "should have done more research" even though you seem to be the only respondent to the article (either to the original article or within this thread) who feels this way.

You misquote again . . . nowhere did the author say that "digital signals don't need a good cable". He made three significant statements in this area however; they were:
1. " . . . there really is no such thing as a "better" HDMI cable. Either an HDMI cable works or it does not."
2. " . . . if an HDMI cable is working correctly, your TV's picture will look exactly the same no matter how much the cable costs. Paying more for a cable will have no effect on picture quality."
3. "When buying an HDMI cable, you can buy on price and get the cheapest one."
While each of these statements may certainly be subjected to some nitpicking they are generally correct; time and again on this forum and elsewhere, the vast majority of knowledgeable contributors have supported the general notion that it is just plain silly to purchase expensive cables as the low cost cables marketed by monoprice, et al. are quite up to the task and provede excellent results.

It is not precise to say a consumer can go buy any junk cable and expect no loss of signal. And I think I have a right to point-out the fallacy, rather than let it mislead people into buying POS cables.
Again, you misquote . . . nowhere did the author say that "a consumer can go buy any junk cable".
Why must you persist in putting words into his mouth???
Your own proclivity for creating misinformation and egregious misquoting greatly diminishes anything of value that you might otherwise have to say.

If the cable is poorly-made, signal loss will occur.
And no one has ever said otherwise.
And since the general consensus is that most cables available are NOT poorly made, it makes no sense to pay extra for promotional brouhaha when less expensive yet perfecly well made products are available for a fraction of the price.
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