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Wii 480p looks good to me

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Originally Posted by original_article
But with an HDMI cable, you aren't sending any oscillating analog waves, nor any power.
False. And false.

What you are sending is a low-power digital signal.
The digital signal is either on or off, and it is impossible to distort it without ruining it.
False. And false again.

The great thing about a digital signal is that, even if there is a little noise in the cable (and there always is, no matter how good the cable), the TV will clean it up when it interprets the digital signal.
True, but only to a point. If the signal gets too distorted, and the TV finds itself looking at a 1.0 volt signal, how will it interpret that? Was it a 0 or a 1? Who knows?
The whole beauty of moving to a digital world is that it eliminates distortion completely.
And introduces bit errors. False colors and/or bad pixels.

What this means to you is that there really is no such thing as a "better" HDMI cable. Either an HDMI cable works or it does not.
Or.... it could operate on the margin, with numerous errors that are too small to break-up the picture, but large enough to create single-pixel errors. (Thus not giving you the true picture.)
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