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I feel like a middle man. I think HD DVD was the better format all the way around. I think it has better standards and that makes for happier customers. Yet I bought in to the freebies and sales and the fact I just want High Def. Does a person like me have a place? Can I convince friends like Lee Stewart and PCF5 to see the best way to go is the way the wind blows, or do I chalk it off... Then off... Or.... ?

Follow the dollar. Some fo us here can afford to play this game, Most of us can't. I can't. I love the movies. I have to go where the wallet wills. Right now I feel like BD gave me cheap movies. Will it last? No. But I hit it when it's hot.

There are some cats I respect ultimately for their stance. Some are just fanboys. I said all that to say I concede the point, I want HD content, especiallly before some company finds a way to whore me out of owning content.

I think of Strawberry, I think of PCF5, I think of Lee... I love HT as much as you, Im drunk anhd Im tired of fixing typos, so just go with it. Deal with idiots like GLOW andNewt on another level. They have nothingbut this war. Let them be the sorry fools they are. Sad, really.

But so am i for being drunk, But what I said holds truth. Consider it.
Prost mate!

I love my htpc with itīs BD ROM drive. I can buy and watch the movies, and i donīt have to buy the PS3 or the (for now and imo) rather weird BD SAL stuff.

Region coding? bye bye.....

HDCP? bye bye.....

Profiles? My htpc is connected to the internet and i have about 700GB "persistant memory"....

There are some shortcomings of course, but it will probably hold me over until i can buy an all region 2.0 SAL, maybe even with HD DVD support for a reasonable price. I am a cheap bastard, so this will take some time.

My htpc says "up yours!" to the BDA every time i put a BD in my drive.
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