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High Definition is the definition of life.

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I'm rooting for HD DVD, in fact I'm probably going to buy some more titles tonight or tomorrow from Amazon. I'm not going to sell my player, so I figure I'll make the most of my investment and grab some more movies.

In saying that, I'm also going to buy into blu, in the form of a PC drive. That gets around the profile issue and doesn't require a PS3.

My one hope is that Universal and Paramount at least stay neutral for some time yet (Assuming Toshiba aren't going to throw it in). I went through a fair bit of hassle to import an HD A3 for my Father for Christmas, and to return it would cost me a lot. I already feel pretty stink over it because of Warner, I'd feel even worse if the remaining two content providers just up and left.

Of course that's my personal emotion on the matter, whether it's realistic or not is a different story really.

I have to add, the absolute best thing for me is the lack of region coding. The price I can import movies for is astoundingly good, considering. In addition to that, it's miles ahead of the local release. Blu ray doesn't offer me that luxury (I know some titles aren't coded, but it just isn't the same).
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