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Originally Posted by El Despairado View Post
IYes, I am 99% sure this will happen at some point, and that HD DVD has indeed "lost".
Sorry! I'm not buying into this concept no matter how many times I have to read it on the various forums. The only thing Toshiba and HD DVD has, "Lost," at this point, is some pride!

If Toshiba or ALL of the remaining studios, ever announce that they are calling it quits on HD DVD, then I will accept it, without an issue.

Originally Posted by El Despairado View Post
At this point, there isn't much the consumer can do to change what has happened, and what has happened shows that the consumer who was interested solely in the movie aspect of HDM didn't really matter anyway.
You made my last point here as well. It really is all about the movies and the move watching experience. HD DVD offers the best of this today. IMHO. Something else will tomorrow! The medium on which the movie experience is delivered, is only really relevant to the consumer, for the moment.

Do I think that HD DVD is the best delivery platform available today, for an HD movie watching experience? Of course I do!

If and when Blu-Ray, Shmu-Ray or No-Ray can exceed that which HD DVD can currently deliver to me, in a finished and fully standardize format, then I may decide to invest in that technology as well. Until then, I'll stick with that which works consistently!
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