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Wow, so with simply an announcement by a major movie studio, we have HDM consumers apologizing to each other for voicing their educated opinions or making recomendations and others vowing to switch to SD DVD's only, going forward!

All I can say is WOW!

This is very, very unbelievable to me.

First off, risk is a way of life in this CE game. Period!

There are NO right decisions that one individual can make for all, in this game. We each all make our own choices for our own reasons.

Second off, why do some of you have your tails between your legs and your faces to the floor? You all STILL have the best commercially available HDM play back systems available on the Planet today! Now how many people around the world can say that? (not enough obviously! )

Third, ALL HD DVD players can play SD DVDs and up convert them as well. ALL HD DVD players can play PiP enabled HD DVD titles. ALL HD DVD players can easily connect to the Internet for download, updates, and other unprecedented interactive functionality.

I am honored, not saddened to have access to this level of technology, within my lifetime.

I also recognize that the CE industry is filled with Money Grabbing Whores, that will keep things changing, just to get us all to spend our money, yet again!

I've said it many times here before, the key here is to get the VALUE out of what you have purchased!

If you do not feel that you have gotten the appropriate value out of your HD DVD purchase decision, then I suggest that you go out and buy some more HD DVD movies, get your HD DVD player(s) connected to the Internet and petition whomever you think will listen to deliver you some new HD DVD movies, until you do!

If you look at things from this perspective, then it really does not matter what happens to HD DVD or BD, now does it?
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