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HD DVD: Still the best!
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I am a nut about the best Audio Quality and Picture Quality I can get. Thats the reason why I got into the realm of High Definition Media. The reason I chose HD DVD was because ultimately Blu-ray lacked an equivilent product to the Toshiba HD XA2. After I became aware of the BD 1.0 profile "doorstop" issue (thanks again PFC5) in the Samsung BD-P1000 I had, I returned it to the store. I then researched what was out there for both formats. Not to mention that ALL Blu-ray players were 1.0 at that time and 100% non-upgradeable, with the exception of the PS3, I just could not find another Blu-ray player on the market for any price that offered as much as the XA2 did.

I actually remember thinking about a PS3 back then too because after trying Blu-ray I knew it was awesome. However, I had just bought an XBOX 360 the previous year and didn't fancy featuring a videogame console in my recently upgraded home theater. Since I like to have the best and most advanced products that I can afford, I went with the XA2, which put me in the HD DVD camp. I still feel that even after all that has come to pass, and the state of HD DVD's future prospects, I made the smartest choice I could have. I never regret making a smart decision. Then again, maybe it would have been smarter to stay out of HDM all together???

No seriously, I have thoroughly enjoyed my HD DVD experience, and I will continue to in the future. However, since it appears to be over, I want to get a Blu-ray player to continue my enjoyment of HDM, while I support HD DVD to whatever end it meets of course. However, if HD DVD ends tomorrow, I will be left out of HDM becuase I will not purchase a Blu-ray player unless it offers me everything I want.

I still have no interest in a PS3 for the same reasons as before, so I have to hold out for a 2.0 profile player that has a good enough build quality and bells and whistles to satisfy me at a price well under $1000. I can afford to spend more than $1000 on a player at the drop of a hat, but since I also have a passion for Music, expensive cars, and expensive motorcyles, not to mention the nightlife and travelling, I have to be at least somewhat anal. With that said, I don't think what I am looking for in a Blu-ray player is too much to ask for. Hopefully it gets delivered to me within 6 months or I may just lose interest in HDM permanently.
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