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I am largely taking a break from HDM now. Like PFC I have never been one to delve into a product that has no base or reassurance that it will survive. I am not an early adopter. I bought into HD DVD because I got a brand new HDTV for my birthday (a cheap off brand Olevia), and was on a sort of HD "high" you could say. Looking for the cheapest solution for HD content other than my 360 games (I don't have cable or satalite television, I can't stand it) I went with HD DVD, despite knowing full well that at the time Universal was the only exclusive major content provider. It wasn't an issue for me really because they are my favorite studio, by far.

Anyways, I have been burned. Not too badly, I'd say. . . I still have plenty of HD movies and an awesome HD DVD player that can play those movies as well as upconvert my regular old DVDs to awesome levels. But I have burned enough to know that I should wait. Blu-ray may have won against HD DVD (I'm not saying it has but the tides have definitely turned) but it still has to best DVD and gain enough consumer interest to do so. I remain unconvinced that it can. . . Until I am 100% positive that Blu-ray will replace DVD as the standard medium I will not purchase any. I spent about $300 on HD DVD players (add-on, stand-alone) and about three times that much on the movies themselves (at least). Discs are where the money is, and I won't get burned again.

Yes this includes HD DVDs as well. My girlfriend bought Stardust on HD DVD last night (for herself, GREAT movie btw) and I do believe that will be the very last one, provided some miracle occurs.

It's been a sad sad HD week for me. More money to save for Europe though. . .
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