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Originally Posted by Superman View Post
I feel like a middle man. I think HD DVD was the better format all the way around. I think it has better standards and that makes for happier customers. Yet I bought in to the freebies and sales and the fact I just want High Def. Does a person like me have a place? Can I convince friends like Lee Stewart and PCF5 to see the best way to go is the way the wind blows, or do I chalk it off... Then off... Or.... ?

Follow the dollar. Some fo us here can afford to play this game, Most of us can't. I can't. I love the movies. I have to go where the wallet wills. Right now I feel like BD gave me cheap movies. Will it last? No. But I hit it when it's hot.

There are some cats I respect ultimately for their stance. Some are just fanboys. I said all that to say I concede the point, I want HD content, especiallly before some company finds a way to whore me out of owning content.

I think of Strawberry, I think of PCF5, I think of Lee... I love HT as much as you, Im drunk anhd Im tired of fixing typos, so just go with it. Deal with idiots like GLOW andNewt on another level. They have nothingbut this war. Let them be the sorry fools they are. Sad, really.

But so am i for being drunk, But what I said holds truth. Consider it.
I already own a PS3 and own about 12 movies on it I think. I own a lot more HD DVD movies and 2 HD DVD players.

I usually am NEVER an early adopter of formats because of just what ended up happening. I waited 2 years to buy a SD DVD after the launch on SD DVD. It has served me well, and 9 years later it is still the most popular format. Because of the looming HD formats, I pretty much stopped buying SD DVDs as I didn't want to be "stuck" with inferior versions of my movie library. I have over 400 SD DVDs right now.

The reason I bought into HD DVD after a couple of months (6/2006) of the format release was because my SD DVD player was dying. The digital coax audio output was dropping sound, so I had to change to the optical output. I knew it was only a matter of time so I tried several upscalers and they were not very good. I figured I would have to pay $300.00 for a good upscaler so was eying the Panasonic S97 upscaler. I couldn't find ANYONE selling it locally so when I heard the reports about the A1 being such a good upscaler and got (at the time) a good deal at $450.00 and 6 free HD DVDs I jumped in.

I had already been investigating both HD formats for over a year before they were released and figured price and the HD audio decoders built-in being mandatory so I could keep my brand new $600.00 Yamaha receiver AND get the HD audio and thought it was a much better way to bring a format to market. Yeah, I was talking about the BD profiles issue back then also. That really bothered me back then so it was not fanboy based but CONSUMER based as my reason to back HD DVD.

In December 2007, I bought my oldest son (actually step son by legal definition only) a PS3 because that was the game console he wanted the most. I had a lot of problems back then with my oldest daughter (who I have custody of) and her mother (my ex-wife), so him being about the best kid a parent could hope, I felt regardless of price I was going to get him a PS3.

Financially, a lot happened since then and I spent many many thousands of $$ in legal fees to keep custody of my daughter, so money has been fairly tight since then. I am STILL paying the debt for those legal costs even now a year later.

I have said that after around 2/2007 the BD movies finally looked as good as HD DVD which they didn't early on, and the reasons for choosing HD DVD was mostly cost and complete player specs, so I would not have to replacement BD players to get ALL the features. It turns out that the PS3 (60GB model is what I have) is the most complete BD player, but I have a new problem....

Since getting buying COD4 for my son, the PS3 has been getting much more game playing time and this has upset my wife quite a bit. She cannot use the main HDTV to watch cable or movies and she wants the PS3 moved to my son's bedroom now. With the Warner decision that leaves me stuck. I cannot afford to buy two BD players and my wife likes to watch many movies in our bedroom. That leaves me with either HD DVD or SD DVD for now, so I have sufficient versatility to keep my wife happy.

I still do not want to buy SD DVDs except for my kids movies which they will watch repeatedly so they will be of value in their bedrooms. This is another reason WHY I was such a big fan of combo discs on HD DVD.

This was longer than I thought it would be but I wanted to make it clear what my thought process was for choosing HD DVD.

I truly felt that the BDA and the media did NOT give enough exposure to the BD profiles issue and spent a lot of time educating people asking about the HD formats so they could make a INFORMED decision. Heck, Toshiba barely even mentioned the profiles issue (and they should have been screaming about it with ads etc.) so how were people to know about it?

This format war has consumed a great deal of my time, but I still posted some (but not as much as I would have liked) in the HDTV sections to try to help people make more informed decisions on displays and such. That has always been a big reason for me to continue to come here and post so much originally. I like to help people and give back some of the knowledge I gained when I wanted to learn more about HDTVs. I had a lot of problems with my first HDTV purchases and it took a lot of time to get a good one back then.

I got so caught up in the whole format war and a lot of misinformation that surrounded BOTH formats. Well, there is not so much work to do on the HD format war front any longer, but people STILL need to be aware of the profile issues and I hope others will all mention it not to attack the BD format, but so people can make a fully informed decision before jumping in as many new people MIGHT with the format war coming to a close at some point now. They STILL need this info IMO.

I am not sure what I will do for sure, and maybe I will convince my wife to put up with the PS3 being in the main HT room, and just use the 47" 1080p LCD in our bedroom that I got for only a grand on Black Friday. I would need to get a BD player for the bedroom to continue to support BD movie purchases, but the cost & profile issues STILL bother me. I have to wait until some time has past and what happens with BD player profiles/prices to make my decision whether it will only be a niche format or not before I take another chance on movie discs.

Right now, my gut says that BD will be niche, but time will tell how it turns out and IF I buy into BD down the road. At this point I just do not know.

Sorry for such a long winded post but I wanted people here to know WHY I chose the format I did and my individual reasons ONE last time. I felt I owed that to everyone here since I was such a big advocate of HD DVD and now that it looks like it might be at it's end, I wanted to say sorry for, in hindsight, being such a a big advocate for a format that others might have bought into partially because of my posts. I am truly sorry to those people.

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