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TRIVIA: We are already living in an Ice Age. As long as ice sits on the poles, geologists classify it as a "ice age".


You forgot President Carter who did just as much as Bush to push for more ethanol usage. Also New England and California are not doing anything to reduce greenhouse gases, as far as I can tell. They are pushing for cleaner cars that emit less pollutants (SULEV, ULEV, et cetera).

Jim Bob:

What's wrong with drilling oil in Alaska? 150 years ago we drilled for oil in Pennsylvania & Ohio. Did it ruin the wilderness? No. As far as I can tell, there's no sign that PA or OH were ever filled with oil derricks, and the woods are just as full of deer & trees as ever. (And this was before EPA regulations, when people didn't care if an oil spill happened. Today we are much more careful.)


I think rising prices are doing more for environmental awareness than any policy in Washington ever did. People are trading-in for higher MPG cars. They are tossing out lightbulbs and replacing them with fluorescents that only burn ~20% as much energy. People are making fewer car trips.

- THAT'S what will get people to reduce their environmental impact.
- Not Washington programs. But hits to wallets.
- The desire to save money in the face of escalating costs will reduce energy usage.
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