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No point in continuing the Bush Debate--I certainly never said he was an environmentalist President. IMHO, however, his move toward ethanol is one of the most significant energy policy moves any President has attempted.

The failure to submit the Kyoto treaty to congress for ratification dates back to Clinton. You might gather from my previous post that I don't support the Kyoto treaty and, as an American, I'm glad we have not bound ourselves to international treaties that attempt to control our sovereignty, redistribute our wealth, harm our economy and which are inequitable. I'm not sure it would even be Constitutional for the President and Congress to officially agree to that much foreign influence over this country's policies.

The fact that "punishment" for not meeting the standards and timetable is monetary makes it all too obvious the intent is really to redistribute the world's wealth, not protect the environment (and there are many environmentalists who agree based on careful analysis of the Kyoto protocols--they simply don't believe it can have the desired affect on the environment).

I think the United States can develop it's own approach and should. Currently there are a number of states (New England and California, for example) which have mounted their own efforts to reduce Greenhouse gases. This should be commended and encouraged (through tax credits, etc.) by the Federal Government, so that all states ultimately adopt programs that makes sense for them, or if a typical, inefficient "one-size-fits-all" Federal program is put in place, it should at least make sense for the country.

I'm afraid that something bad will have to happen before there is any sense of urgency, but we can all help enormously by being a little less of a "consumer" in most aspects of our lives. Difficult words on a forum dedicated to "Consumer" Electronics .

I'm personally concerned that our whole economy is built on supplying things consumers want, not things people need. When times get tough, people concentrate on what they need, not what they want and that could be devastating to our economy.

Hey, just trying to cheer everybody up!
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