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I do believe them because that is the kind of pay off that will leak, just like it did within days with Paramount / Dream Works, and Warner wouldn't make such a blunt announcement as being no payoff if they were going to be exposed as lying... and let's be honest if HDDVD did not get Paramount/ Dream Works this war would have been over already they were dying and nothing has really helped them they have just stayed afloat, look at the sales for HDDVD discs there is hardly any difference, and some weeks it's even worse than it was a few months ago, and you know what 750,000 SAL's is not enough players in a year and a half to warrant staying with a brand name. Whether you think Warner should support a game console is up to you but Sony's game console and the next following it will have blu-ray too so it will never die out. Blu-ray has always been the wiser choice you just never saw that, but that's OK, it's your opinion, and I'm getting tired of people acting like blu-ray players are unaffordable. They're not when I bought a single disc DVD player in 1998 it was $450 and that was 10 years ago, I didn't think that was unaffordable and I don't now.

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