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Default Blu-Ray, the new Laser Disc!!!

Blu-Ray, the new Laser Disc!!!

Thanks Warner for killing off HDM. Was 1/2 billion worth it?

I can't see Blu-Ray taking off anymore. They will never outsell SD DVD. Well not in another 2 to 3 years that is. And by the time that happens something better will be out that will costs cheaper. Can HD VMD do it?
And how long can PS3 FanBoys & BOGO sales sway the numbers from the truth? I am very surprised Warner chose this manipulative route. Lots of MONEY.
Toshiba & MS should have sold their souls to gain Warner.

Now HD DVD needs very good news, something that will drive momentum on their behalf Big Time, what can that is? Disney/Lions Gate move into the HD DVD Camp? TL51GB & TLTwin discs to be released by Universal/Paramount/DreamWorks etc. ONLY? With no separate SD DVD?
You all just got my Q1 2008 & Q3 2008 info, though I didnít think it would have turned out this way.

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