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Originally Posted by danielm1 View Post
Well it sounds like you did everything right but as far as the update, version 1.3 is the latest out right now for the A35. If you want to stay up do date with them just go to .... and click on the "support" button up top and you will be given a list of the newest updates for all the HD DVD players. Here you can either choose to download the file and burn it on a cd or try the internet connection. I've come to find out the players have their quirks sometimes and maybe it was just congestion from all the new HDDVD owners. All I had to do was enable my DHCP and DNS then click "confirm", shut down then power up again and my internet connection was fine. Hope this helps.
yes I know the latest is 1.3 but what I'm asking is when the version is displayed under setup and it shows 1.3/1.1, which number represents the current installed firmware on the device?
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