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Wii 480p looks good to me

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Originally Posted by Ruark View Post
When you can stick one of these into an upconverting DVD player and get 95% of the PQ you get with a $30 HD/BR-DVD, that's going to be plenty for a lot of people will choose SD DVD.
I'm one of them. It's just a movie. Now if it was a masterpiece like Gone with the Wind or Ben-Hur, then yes I want HD, but for the latest Hollywood crap? Forget it. (In fact, a lot of times I watch the latest movies online, which can oftentimes be worse than VHS.)

The porn industry has the right idea. You can buy a HD DVD or Bluray for only $1-2 more than the standard definition DVD. That makes it worthwhile.

Hollywood may end up priciing High Def discs too high, as they did with Super VHS tapes, and end up killing the standard because of greed.
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