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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
I am an engineer; I examine NUMBERS not opinions.

SD DVD == ~10 Megabit/s
HD DVD == ~30 Megabit/s
Blu-ray == ~50 Megabit/s

Everyone knows that when you compare two identical movies, both recorded using the same codec, the higher the "speed" of the data, the better the picture will look to the eye. More of the original data is preserved.
No, everyone but you knows that specs and perception are two different things. That's why we can watch a Blu-Ray movie in HD and think it looks great, even though it is severely compressed compared to the digital master and we can also watch the same film on HD DVD and see no difference, as the difference in compression between the best Blu-Ray has to offer and the best HD DVD has to offer is minute compared to how much compression both formats use compared to the original master.

I have been an electrical engineer for far longer than you. I have worked in CE for decades. Frankly, the only thing that matters to the vast majority of the market place is subjective opinions, not specs. If you want to have your opinion treated equally as valid as Casey's, then start your own company making what are acknowledged as the highest quality video presentations available--in which your professional reputation and your living is based on consumer's regard for your products--then maybe I'll listen.
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