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Default Pictures look the same

I thought I was done with this go-nowhere thread, but wanted to add one more comment on the picture quality. I was in Tulsa for Christmas with family and stopped off at the BB near the Woodland Hills Mall. Talked with a guy who had just bought the last combo (both BD & HD-DVD) player and was now stocking up on movies.

He told me that this BB had a display with a split screen, HD-DVD on one side and BD on the other and that BD was MUCH BETTER than HD-DVD. I told him that I had not been able to tell any difference in any of the displays I had seen, but went to see what he was looking at.

There it was - at the BD display, the split screen with SD-DVD on one side and BD on the other - he was just mixed up. This is the same cheezy display where the SD-DVD picture looks worse than any DVD I have ever seen so as to enhance the difference with the BD picture. The store did have both BD & HD-DVD displays, all with stunning pictures, and once again, I could not and cannot see any difference between HD-DVD and BD.

One of the problems with comparing the picture of BD and HD-DVD is that they are NEVER side by side. Generally they are at least two end caps away from each other and playing different material, so it is very hard to compare the two. But I suspect that if someone did put the two side by side and played the exact same movies, we would not be able to tell them apart.

I have people over all the time for football games, DVD & HD-DVD movies, and what I have discovered is MOST OF THE MY GUESTS CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MY UPCONVERTED SD-DVD AND THE HD-DVD PICTURE. To me the difference is like night and day, but honestly, most of them cannot tell the difference.

They can tell the difference in the SD and HD television broadcasts, partly because SD looks crappy on my HD television. So they are willing to buy an HD television, but we are going to have a tough sell trying to convice the public that they need to spend $299 (sale price) on a BD player to get a picture that most feel is not any better than the upconverted SD-DVD.

Chris feels that the only shot high def movies has is for HD-DVD to fail or bow out. Let me turn that around. If $299 is the best BD can do, the best shot for high def movies to be more than a niche product is for BD to fail or step aside and the studios get behind HD-DVD. $98 HD-DVD players are in the price range that John Q. Public will pay, especially if the movies are available in the HD-DVD format.

What a lame thread! I go away for Christmas, and when I come back we are talking about VHS and Betamax and arguing over which obsolete format was better.
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